Hello, infinite soul, and a warm welcome to my humble corner. My name is Nadine, my pronouns are she/her, and I am a Soul Alchemist, Witch and Empath.

I have always struggled with finding my place in this world up until I completely surrendered to my Divine calling. We all come here with a unique set of gifts, and when I finally realized mine, I took it upon myself to do what it takes to embrace and utilize them to the best of my ability to serve others. It might sound like a cliché, but that is my truth.

For the past few years, my soul’s gifts helped me and others beyond measure, and they continue to do so as they continue to evolve. I find utter fulfillment in being able to assist others on their path, regardless of whether my impact is big or small.

Authenticity is my belief system. I believe that when we accept and love who we are just as we were born, magic happens. Our world has gone through so much artificial programming; disconnecting us from our hearts and making it so hard to be who we want to be. As I see it, healing means removing the false narrative that our traumas made us believe, and replacing it with the utmost highest truth: we are born worthy and complete. I could go on and on this topic, but that’s what my Instagram account is for.

The more we heal, the closer we get to remember our divinity, as each individual is an extension of the Divine.

I strive to be as authentic as I can be, and I would like nothing more than to support you today in doing the same. I want to help you dismantle the programming that no longer serves your human experience today so you can be more of who you are meant to be.

May you have the courage to express your authentic self each and every day~

In love and Divine Service,


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